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Visions and Values

Reframing Autism aims to create a world in which the Autistic community is supported by families and allies to achieve genuine acceptance, inclusion, and active citizenship, and in which Autistic culture and identity are celebrated and nurtured.

Reframing Autism is a company run by and for Autistic people, and for their families and allies.

We combine capacity-building and leadership development with education, research, resource development, mentoring, and support to strengthen the Autistic community. We also promote a united community, bridging the divisive gap between the Autistic community (those identified or who self-identify as Autistic) and the ‘Autism’ community (the broader non-autistic community with a connection to Autism).

Through Reframing Autism, Autistic people, and non-autistic families and allies of the Autistic community, come together to understand Autism.

We promote equity and acceptance.

Our vision and goals align with the Australian National Disability Strategy 2010−2020 and the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.

Reframing Autism builds hope in the Autistic community by fostering great expectations for a rewarding life grounded in the civil, political and social participation of Autistic people. Reframing Autism also builds hope in the families and allies of Autistic people, moving beyond the narrative of causes, cures and interventions and offering away to embrace the Autistic community.

Working within the neurodiversity movement, Reframing Autism provides both support and education. Through Reframing Autism, families and allies learn from Autistic people of all ages, to establish inclusion founded in reciprocal respect and a mutually supportive community. It encourages environments in which Autistic individuals can live authentically, and it builds the capacity of families, allies and Autistic people themselves to be leaders and change agents.

Reframing Autism is a Health Promotion Charity, and its activities are intended to improve the current bleak mental health profile of the Autistic community, caused by lifelong exposure to discrimination, stigmatisation and exclusion.

Our objectives are to:

  • Empower Autistic individuals to be leaders for their community.

  • Support families and allies to meet the needs of Autistic people by embracing the principles of acceptance, respect, and neurodiversity.

  • Provide the broad community, especially the families and allies of Autistic individuals, access to Autistic lived experiences and perspectives through education and information.

  • Provide opportunities to include underrepresented and marginalised Autistic individuals in Reframing Autism’s governance, educational framework, and in participatory research.

  • Bring a national focus to the nature, role and importance of parenting Autistic children with acceptance and respect, and to provide Autistic representation in appropriate policy making and funding bodies.

  • Enhance the capability of families through training, workshops, and mentoring.

  • Provide a national forum for communicating and sharing information, philosophies, and practices that are respectful of Autistic neurology.

  • Provide accessible and informative resources for Autistic individuals, and their families and allies.

  • Undertake evaluation and research, to ensure Reframing Autism continues to produce quality outcomes and transferability.

  • Establish a partnership ecosystem with relevant peak representative bodies nationally.

Respect. Accept. Embrace. Empower.

Reframing Autism’s full Constitution incorporates this Statement.