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  • Jacquelyn Fede on stimming and senses

    Jacquelyn Fede on stimming and senses

    Join Autistic advocate Jacquelyn Fede, of Autism Level UP!, as she explores her favourite stims and her sensory profile.

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  • Prue Stevenson on stimming and senses

    Prue Stevenson on stimming and senses

    Join Prue Stevenson, Autistic Consultant for Amaze, Deakin School of Psychology Research Collaborator, Ensemble Member of Rawcus Inclusive Theatre, and RMIT School of Art Alumni (BA & MFA) (www.stimyourheartout.com), as they share their favourite stims and explore the connection between stimming and sensory profile.

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  • Summer Farrelly on passions

    Summer Farrelly on passions

    Join Summer Farrelly, Autistic advocate, artist, creator of “Chickens to Love Animal Assissted Learning Program”, and Animal Therapies Ltd Ambassador, as she shares her passions and how she is spending her time in isolation.

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  • Sandra Jones on identity

    Sandra Jones on identity

    Join Autistic Professor Sandra Jones, Pro Vice-Chancellor (Engagement), Australian Catholic University, as she shares her insights into Autistic identity and living authentically.

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  • Danijela Turner on identity

    Danijela Turner on identity

    Join Autistic advocate, Danijela Turner (AKA Autistic Seka) as she explores why identity is important and how she strives to live an authentic, Autistic life.

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  • David Gray-Hammond on wellbeing

    David Gray-Hammond on wellbeing

    Join David Gray-Hammond, Autistic addiction and mental health advocate, Chief Operating Officer of NeuroClastic, as he shares his thoughts on Autistic wellbeing and thriving.

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  • Ruby Mountford on identity

    Ruby Mountford on identity

    Join Ruby Mountford, LGBTIQA+ and Autistic advocate, as they share their insights into Autistic identity and living authentically.

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  • Autistic Pride Day, 2020

    Autistic Pride Day, 2020

    Join Reframing Autism in celebrating Autistic Pride Day, as we ask members of the Autistic community ‘What makes you proud to be Autistic?’

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  • Autistic pride e-book

    Autistic pride e-book

    Read our beautiful and moving e-book on Autistic pride.

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